The Passing of the Grey Company

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are accompanied by the Grey Company as they pass through the Paths of the Dead between Rohan and Gondor.

package com.mkyong.config;

import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;

public class BeanConfig {

    public PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder() {
        return new BCryptPasswordEncoder();


Of course, here are 100 potential article titles on Linux commands that you can consider:

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  2. "Creating and Removing Directories with 'mkdir' and 'rmdir'"

  3. "Reading and Writing Files with 'cat', 'echo', and 'touch'"

  4. "Manipulating File Content with 'cut', 'sort', and 'awk'"

  5. "Using 'grep' to Search Inside Files"

  6. "Introduction to the Vim Text Editor"

  7. "Text Processing with 'sed' and 'awk'"

  8. "How to Use the 'find' Command Effectively"

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  11. "Advanced File Permissions: Setuid, Setgid, and Sticky Bit"

  12. "Understanding the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy"

  13. "Introduction to Process Management in Linux"

  14. "Monitoring System Resources Using 'top' and 'htop'"

  15. "Using 'ps', 'kill', and 'nice' for Process Management"

  16. "The Power of Shell Scripting in Linux"

  17. "Networking Basics: 'ping', 'netstat', and 'ssh'"

  18. "Secure File Transfer with 'scp' and 'rsync'"

  19. "The Magic of 'tar' and 'gzip': Compressing and Archiving Files"

  20. "Downloading Content with 'wget' and 'curl'"

  21. "Managing Services with Systemd and Systemctl"

  22. "Debugging with 'dmesg' and 'journalctl'"

  23. "Creating and Modifying User Accounts in Linux"

  24. "Securing Your System with 'sudo' and 'su'"

  25. "Using 'alias' to Simplify Complex Commands"

  26. "Command Line History and Tab Completion in Bash"

  27. "Customizing Your Shell Prompt for Productivity"

  28. "Using 'xargs' to Build and Execute Commands"

  29. "File and Directory Globbing in Linux"

  30. "Introduction to Regular Expressions in Linux"

  31. "Disk Usage Analysis with 'df' and 'du'"

  32. "A Deep Dive into the 'chmod' Command"

  33. "Understanding and Using the 'chown' Command"

  34. "Linux Environment Variables: A Beginner's Guide"

  35. "Managing Software Packages with apt, yum, and dnf"

  36. "Introduction to Linux Network Configuration"

  37. "Using 'iptables' for Basic Firewall Configuration"

  38. "Introduction to 'lsof': A Command for Everything"

  39. "Working with the Linux Kernel: 'uname' and 'modprobe'"

  40. "Understanding Linux Boot Process and 'grub'"

  41. "Using 'bzip2' and 'xz' for Compression"

  42. "Exploring the 'proc' Filesystem in Linux"

  43. "Reading and Writing with 'dd': The Linux Disk Whisperer"

  44. "Introduction to the 'nano' Text Editor"

  45. "Using 'bg', 'fg', and '&': Linux Job Control"

  46. "Mastering Text Selection in Vim"

  47. "A Deep Dive into the 'rsync' Command"

  48. "How to Use the 'diff' and 'patch' Commands"

  49. "Automating Tasks with Bash Scripts"

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  51. "Networking with 'ifconfig' and 'iwconfig'"

  52. "Introduction to 'screen' and 'tmux'"

  53. "Using 'traceroute' and 'mtr' for Network Troubleshooting"

  54. "Introduction to 'git': Version Control Absolutely, let's continue with the list:

  55. "Efficient System Monitoring with 'vmstat' and 'iostat'"

  56. "Mastering 'awk': A Text Processing Powerhouse"

  57. "Automating System Tasks with 'cron' and 'crontab'"

  58. "Handling File Compression and Archives with 'tar', 'gzip', and 'zip'"

  59. "Remote System Control with 'ssh' and 'scp'"

  60. "Introduction to 'sed': The Stream Editor"

  61. "The 'dd' Command: A Powerful Disk Utility"

  62. "Understanding and Using Linux 'file' Permissions"

  63. "The Power and Flexibility of the 'find' Command"

  64. "The Art of Scripting with Bash"

  65. "Text Manipulation Mastery with 'grep'"

  66. "Managing Linux Processes with 'ps' and 'top'"

  67. "Using 'alias' to Simplify Your Linux Life"

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  69. "The Linux Command Line: Wildcards and Globbing"

  70. "Mastering Regular Expressions in 'grep'"

  71. "Dive into the 'etc' Directory: Understanding Its Structure and Importance"

  72. "Exploring the Power of 'xargs' for Efficient File Management"

  73. "Utilizing 'systemctl' for Service Management in Systemd"

  74. "Decoding System Messages with 'dmesg'"

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  76. "Handling Group Management in Linux: 'groupadd', 'groupmod', and 'groupdel'"

  77. "Exploring 'lsof' Command: A Swiss Army Knife for Everyone"

  78. "Why 'chmod +x' is Important: The Magic of Executable Files"

  79. "Understanding 'chown' and 'chgrp': A Key to Linux Permissions"

  80. "Disk Space Monitoring with 'df' and 'du'"

  81. "A Closer Look at the 'netstat' Command: A Network Diagnostic Tool"

  82. "Making Sense of 'ifconfig' Output: Reading Network Interface Data"

  83. "Breaking Down the 'iptables' Firewall: Basics of Security"

  84. "Monitoring Disk I/O with 'iostat' and 'vmstat'"

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  89. "Mastering the Vim Text Editor: Advanced Features and Tips"

  90. "Exploring Advanced 'rsync' Features for Data Backup and Transfer"

  91. "Scheduling Tasks with 'at' and 'batch': One-time Jobs in Linux"

  92. "Understanding and Using the 'bc' Command: The Handy Calculator"

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  100. "The Beauty of 'screen' and 'tmux': Keep Your Sessions Alive